Security System

Protective ClothingProtective Clothing

The Sioen Apparel Division belongs to the top of designers and manufacturers of personal protection clothing for applications in the military, police and security branches. Below follows a random selection of our large range:

  •   Waterproof and windproof clothing (combat clothing and high visibility).

  •   Flame retardant and fuel crew clothing.

  •   Thermal survival suits, flotation suits and life jackets.

  •   Clothing for medical staff members.

  •   Protective clothing for chain saw operators (Military engineers).

  •   Fireproof combat clothing (fire brigade and police).

  •   Chemical protection clothing.

  •   Active, thermal and flame retardant underwear.

Confection and collective protectionConfection and collective protection
SAINT FRERES CONFECTION , mainly are active on the market of heavy confection, camouflage and collective protection destined for armies and the civil protection branch of industry. Main products:

  •   Tarpaulins for wagons, military vehicles.

  •   Protection covers,sunblinds.

  •   Dome-shaped storage facilities, radomes, silos, tents.

  •   Tanks and cisterns.

  •   Camouflage blinds and nets.

  •   Targets, decoys.

  •   Anti-pollution floating barrages.

  •   Camouflage colour painting techniques and temporary painting stations.

  •   Collective protection against NBC threats.

 Coated FabricsCoated Fabrics
Sionline, a brand name of Sioen Industries, offers a wide range of coated fabrics, designed for civil and military protection. Since 1960, we supply our clients with a range of coated fabrics for wide variety of applications:

  •   Truck covers and side curtains.

  •   Tarpaulins and container tops.

  •   Agriculture

  •   Flexible containers for food and water storage

  •   Tents and domes

  •   Digital and screen printing

  •   Windshields

  •   Inflatable boats

  •   Reinforcememnt nets

  •   Mats

  •   Protective clothing

  •   Mattress covers



Sunblind for vehicles, personnel, tents or mobile technical shelters (MTS)

Thermal Performances
Preliminay Remarks
According to the "abacus of the zones of thermal comfort" (sources: Service de Sante des Armees. Standards of the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers), the optimal thermal comfort zone, both physiologically and psychologically, corresponds to temperatures approximately 10oC below the amboent temperature. Indeed, the camouflage and thermal moderation, blind, developed by SAINT FRERES CONFECTION, reduces the sunrays' force by 83%.


  •   Sunshine 1,000 watts per m2
  •   ground surface of the tent 35 m2
  •   without the SAINT FRERES CONFECTION sunblind, contribution by sun radiation on the ten amounts to 33,600 W
  •   with the SAINT FRERES CONFECTION sunblind, contribution by sun radiation on the tent amount to 5,712 W of which 50% (2.856 W) will be absorbed,   resulting in a reduction of 30.7 KW of the force due to sun radiation


  •   a reduction by 10° C of the temperature by simply using the blind.

  •   a substantial reduction of the need for air-conditioning capacity and electric power to further reduce the temperature.


Inflatable Tent HP

Models and Interior DimensionsInflatable Tent HP

We propose 3 sizes

Models Length Width Height
28 m2 5.05 m 5.50 m 2.75 m
41 m2 7.50 m 5.50 m 2.75 m
55 m2 9.95 m 5.50 m 2.75 m

General Structure

The canvas is made of PVC-coated polyester fabric, assembled by means of High-Frequency welding techniques.

Standard versions

  • A door in each gable end - length 160cm, height 200 cm.
    (water sealing strip - gutter - anti-flow doorstep emergency fastening).
  • Two windows in each bay:
    60 x 60 cm (mosquito curain - translucent PVC window - darkening shutters with straps).
  • Ventilation openings.
  • Lead through apertures for hitching and several equipments: (Canvas separation walls, electrical wires, lights, panels, showers, etc)
  • Service apertures. (for air-conditioning, heating, electric current supply, etc.)

Inflatable Arches

The inflatable structure consists of several independent and external arches shored by aluminium tubes that are inserted between 2 arches (3 shores for 2 arches).

Each arch is equipped with:

  •   an inflatable valve on the exterior part.
  •   straps to be fixed to flysheet.

The arches are made of tricot with an inner polyester lining, on both sides coated with vulcanized rubber.


  • Exceptional resistance to tearing.
  • Exceptional resistance to perforation.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Normal use for all types of tents.
  • No pressure relieve valve
    (Pressure regulation by means of the pump)

Inflation System

The HP inflation system supplied with the inflatable tents HP SAINT FRERES CONFECTION is simple, robust and efficient. The inflation system consists of:

  •   1 HP compressor
  •   1 set of HP hoses
  •   1 distribution box

Pitching Time

The package has to be transported by 4 persons. 2 persons can pitch the tent. Pitching time is comprised between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the training level and the compressor that is used.



PC NBC Nabouco System

PC NBC Nabouco System

Provide the command of the projected forces with a complete set of means for detection survelliance, alert distribution and simulation against the NBC threat.


  •   Based on MTS ISO air transportable, made of aluminium.
      1 MTS 20' for the command post.
      1 MTS 10' life support systems.
  •   Two NBC tents, 28m, with high pressure floats.
  •   One set consisting of a sunblind and camouflage blind.



  •   Set of informatics devices allowing follow-up in real time and control of the NBC threat, as well as organization of the necessary   decontamination operations.
  •   A space to live and to rest in for the operations.


MTS Life Support System 10'

FunctionsMTS Life Support System 10'

Provide life support systems for the command posts and their outbuildings:

  •   Maintian the oxygen level of the respirable air in stuffy rooms.

  •   Provide filtered air against NBC threats.

  •   Guarantee a normal temperature in confined zones in function 
  •                                      of   the external conditions (heat or cold)

  •   Provide several electical sources with electic current.

  •   Automatically obviate breakdown in the local electricity grid.


  •   Based on MTS ISO 10' air transporttable, made of aluminium
  •   Internal equipment:
      Generator with automatic start-up in the event of breakdown of current supply.
      Air treatment - filtration group NBC (2 filters NBC OTAN),
      External electrical distribution.

At the inside, space is provided for storing equipment (such as e.g. one or two NBC tents with electric group.)


  •   Power: 36 KVA
  •   Thermal capacity
      23 000 frigories,
      12 Kw heating capacity
  •   Air circulation: 1800 m3/h of which 600 m3/h fresh air.
  •   Fuel autonomy between 35 and 55 hours at full charge, depending on the temperature or the altitude.
  •   External distribution power point
      2 x 32 A and 2 x 16 A

Equipment actually in use by the French air force to provide for the life support systems:

  •   PC NBC NABOUCO with living zone for NBC decontamination.
  •   PC protection with armament zone and living zone for NBC decontamination.
  •   M21B laboratory with air renewal of the insulator.



Military PVC CanvasMilitary PVC Canvas

Tarpaulins for Military Lorries

The SAINT FRERES CONFECTION company realizes over thirty different models of military canvas for trucks:
French army: GBC, Marmon, trailers, TRM, TBU, VLRA, CBH, etc.

Belgian army: Ilitis, Volvo


Remaining Canvas

  •   Spaces with controlled hygrometry (EHC), hangars, etc.

  •   Modular sheltersm radomes, etc.

  •   High Pressure (HP) and Low Pressure (LP) tents.

  •   Protective, sound and thermal insulation canvas.

  •   Connection lock between shelter, tent, modular shelter, etc.




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