Support Services


Machinery Sales Corporation employs very highly skilled staff in their manufacturing unit which is well equipped with high quality machinery which enables it to manufacture  spares parts and accessories to clients’ specifications and drawings.  

MSC can cater to any international requirement.


M/s.Hamilton Jets                                                         
(Mfrs of Water Jets)
New Zealand
We are providing Jets fitted in  High Speed Patrol Boats in the Naval,  Coast Guard, Customs, Border Security Force. etc. Spare Parts and Product support services are also included in our scope of services.


M/s. Saint Freres SAS (BACAM)
(Security Systems)
Sunblind for vehicles, personnel, tents or mobile technical shelters (MTS), Tarpaulins for Military Lorries.


M/s VosperThornycroft 
(Steering Gear & Fin Stabilizers)

Vosper Thorny Crofts, UK - MSC has entered into an agreement with Vosper Thornycraft Hydraulic Power Division for equipment sales & operation and create a repair workshop to look after technical product support for the Steering Gears & Fin Stabilizers along with associated controls manufactured by Vosper.

MSC has trained service engineers who had exposure to Indian Naval ships &  submarines & have undergone extensive training at Vospers' in UK 

M/s Elgi Equipments Ltd.,                                               
(Air Compressors)

Manufacturers of H.P.  Compressors for Defence applications and Industrial units.
For equipment sales & Product Support Service  we have highly trained Engineers from the respective organizations - a team comprising  of 12 personnel.


M/s Bachmann                                                

Bachmann comes from a tradition that is dedicated to the design and building of collective and technical protection systems at the highest standards, this way reflecting the most valuable asset - Human Life.

M/s Armacell India Private Limited                                         
(Marine Applications)

The lightweight & easy to apply insulation system, resistant to mechanical impact.


 M/s I.H.I. Marine Co. Ltd.,                                            
(Ship Builders of Japan & Equipment Mfrs. for Defence & Mercantile Shipping)
They are the largest ship builders.   We are promoting equipment sales such as Main Engines, Diesel Altenator (DA) Sets, Fire Pumps etc.  These are all of Japanese Origin made by IHI Marine.

(Marine Applications)

The centalink shaft consists of links which are designed for efficienct using flexible bushes for push and pull. In each link there is a cylindrical flexible bush, which is connected radially to the hub and a spheroidal flexible bush which is connected axially to the flange.


Griffon Hovercraft Limited                                              
(Marine Applications - Hovercrafts)

Griffon Hovercraft Limited leads the world in the design, development, manufacture and operation of hovercraft and produces the largest range of amphibious hovercraft available in the world today.

Manufacturers of Multispectral Camouflage Nets for Defence and other related undertakings.



Ordnance Factory Board                                                     
(Military Hardware)
Ordnance Factory Board, M.O.D. India

Our latest addition is representing 39 Indian Ordnance Factories for Export of  all Military hardware & Software. The product list is of more than 1000 line items.



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