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Reliable Clean Compressed Air
Industrial Electric Screw Compressor

Industrial Electric Screw Compressor

Kirloskar Pneumatic, an ISO 9001 company has been manufacturing the most reliable and widest range of air and gas compressors for over four decades.

Ou industrial Electric Screw Rotary Compressors provide uninterrupted supply of compressed air even under adverse conditions.

Our compressors offer, added advantage to the user like...

Rugged Construction, High Reliability, Easy Maintenance, Economical operation, Superior Service Support, etc.

These compressors are single stage, oil injected, helical twin screw machines, driven by electric motor of suitable rating (horse power), coupled through gears.

Ready to use:

  •   Compressor come in a "ready to use" package.
  •   Compact and easy for maintenance.
  •   No foundation is required.
  •   For air-cooled packages only connect electrical power supply & air delivery line. Cooling   water connections are the only addition in case of water-cooled packages.
  •   Compressor block is directly coupled through a flexible coupling to electric motor. Electric   motor is mounted on anti vibrations pad to reduce vibrations.
  •   Complete compressor package is enclosed in acoustically designed, powder coated sheet   metal canopy. Removable side doors of the canopy ensure easy access during maintenance   of the compressor.

Two precision-balanced asymmetrical profile helical rotors are the only major moving parts in the compressor block. The screw rotors are cut to exact dimension, for optimum efficiency, on precision screw cutting machine. The in-built unique sealung strip on rotor ensures high volumetric efficiency throughout the life of the compressor. The cooling effect on the lubrication oil is greatly enhanced due to atomization of oil by the sealing strip.

Rotors are supported in housing of the compressor block with antifriction bearings. Angular contact ball bearings provided at the discharge end, absorb axial and radial thrust. Driving gear pairs are designed for the worst operating conditions & longer life. Internal core passages for lubrication avoids external multiple lube oil piping. Compact and durable mechanical seal provides positive sealing at the shaft end.

Air-Oil Separation System:

Most of the oil is mechanically removed in air-oil separator cum reservoir and the remaining oil is filtered through high efficiency separator element. When the compressor is in operation, adequate pressure is maintained in this separator to ensure sufficient oil ciculation in the system.

Separator is equipped with oil filling arrangement, oil level indicator, drain connection & safety from high pressure. To ensure optimum oil cooling, either thermal switch (for air cooled) or thermostatic bypass (for water cooler) arrangement is provided.



The high volume and High pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor

High Volume and High Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor

High Volume and High Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor
Tank Mounted High Volume Compressor
Tank Mounted High Volume Compressor
High Volume Reciprocating Air Compressor
High Volume Reciprocating Air Compressor

High Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor

High Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor
Super Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor
Super Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor

Low investment, maximum returns

For small scale industries and entrepreneurs, ELGI's High Volume Compressors provide the perfect match between low investment and maximum returns.

Proven Technology - Long Lasting
The technology proven around the world. The compressor is designed to be simple, making the compressor easy to maintain and service. The wide service network and easy availability of spares makes the HIgh Volume Compressor the wisest choice for ling running machines and long lasting smiles.

ELGI Reciprocating compressors are available in stationary, electric powered models. Custom built models for specific applications are also available.


Key Product Features What it does for you
Designed for continous performance Additional stand-by compressor not needed
Deep finned cylinders Increases heat dissipation
Air-cooled after cooler Save on cooling water costs
Inter stage pressure relief valve Provides greater safety
Wire wound copper to copper after cooler Greate cooling and better heat dissipation




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