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CENTALINK Silent DriveShaft

CENTALINK (Silent DriveShaft) CENTALINK (Silent DriveShaft)


The centalink shaft consists of links which are designed for efficienct using flexible bushes for push and pull. In each link there is a cylindrical flexible bush, which is connected radially to the hub and a spheroidal flexible bush which is connected axially to the flange.

This ingenious new desing results in a very simple, highly flexible low cost and easy to assemble link coupling. There are between 3 and 8 links per joint depending on the shaft size.

The rubber joints of the centalink shaft are based on well proven, well dimensioned rubber bushes or spherical joint, where the rubber is vulcanized to the inner and outer metal part and is under high precompression. Such couplings have been well proven in similar application, e.g. couplings for highspeed trains.

All movements of the joints are absorbed flexibly bu the rubber bushes – without relative movement of the metal – and therefore free of wear.

Centalink joints offer the following outstanding advantages

  •   Compensation for considerable axial, radial and angular misalignment.
  •   With very low reacting forces, and linear characteristics.
  •   Constant velocity transmission, angular deflection of the two joints may be   different.
  •   Silent operation, transmitted noise reduced. The transmission of noise is   interrupted in four places   by rubber   bushes.
  •   Free backlash, torsionally stiff. The single joints are also radially stiff.
  •   Free of maintenance, free or wear, with fail-safe-feature.
  •   Radially exchangeable without disturbing connected machinery.
  •   Easy visual check of the condition of the rubber bushes, easy and fast   exchange of the links is   possible without   special tools.
  •   Long shaft distances can be spanned.
  •   Combinations with torsionally flexible CENTAX-elements allow optimal tuning   of the torsional   situation.
  •   The design is protected by international patent applications.

Important areas of application: Ship main and auxillary drives, between engine and gear and between gear and jet-drive, propeller, generator, hydraulic pump, waterpump etc.

Drive for rail cars between engine and gear or between gear and axle.

Windturbines, cooling towers, fan drives, mills, glazing rollers, steel mills. General construction and machine industry and heavy engineering.


The common balancing quality fo U-joint-shafts is Q16 according VDI 2060, if not agreed differently, the CENTALINK-shafts are balanced as follows:

  •   flanges, flangehubs and innerpart to quality Q6,3
  •   the links to quality Q16.

The links to CENTALINK sizes 48-50-55-60-65-68 and 71 are available in 2 different materials:

  •   speroidal cast iron
  •   forged aluminium alloy

The links of all other common CENTALINK sizes consists of spheroidal cast iron GGG 50 only.

Depending on the material of the links the following balancing methods are used.

The aluminium links are weighed and brought to the same weight within a close tolerance. Thus they will be a set within the unbalance tolerance. They can therefore be mounted and exchanged as required.

The links of spheroidal cast iron GGG 50 are balanced on relevant fixtures as a set and marked with numbers. Therefore this set always has to stay together and has to be mounted in the same order as numbers indicate.




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