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Arma-Chek D

engineered foams engineered foams

The lightweight and easy to apply insulation system
resistant to mechanical impact

  •   Minimises risk of under insulation corrosion
  •   Provides continous long term thermal efficiency
  •   Significant reduction of installation cost


Designed for the on-shore and maritime industries, this black, woven glass fibre covering for Armaflex substrate offers good resistance to UV, mechanical impact and under insulation corrosion, while still remaining flexible in a moving environment. It will not stain or mark. Arma-Chek D is lightweight and its permanent curl characteristics make it quick and easy to install, without using heavy equipment.

Lightweight and easy to apply solution for all areas where protection against mechanical impact is needed

  •   Minimises risk of under insulation corrosion
  •   Provides continous long term thermal efficiency
  •   No risk of galvanic corrosion
  •   Low maintenance system
  •   Significant reduction of installation cost
  •   Easy to install - no special tools required
  •   Good resistance to extreme weather, saltwater and damage
  •   Highly resistant to UV, oil and chemicals
  •   Non metal cladding system
  •   Pre-coated tubes and sheets available
  •   Complies with internationsl standards



Techical Data Values Remarks
Max. Surface Temperature

+105° C (if based on Class O Armaflex, NH/ Armaflex)

+150° C (if based on HT/ Armaflex)

For more information about temperature ranges, please consult our Technical Department
Max. Surface Temperature for Flat Surface

+85° C (if based on Class O Armaflex, NH/ Armaflex)

+150° C (if based on HT/ Armaflex)

Min. Surface Temperature -50° C  
Water Vapour Permeablity No risk of Galvanic corrosion Moisture Resistance Factor depending on the used Armaflex substrate
Resistance to

Impact - Good

UV - Good

Density for surface cover 1.2kg/ltr.  
Health Aspects Dust & Fibre Free  


Arma-Chek T

engineered foams engineered foams

Arma-Chek T is a non-metallic, flexible insulation and covering system developed for the harsh environments of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries. Arma-Chek T is widely used for onshore and offshore applications. It offers the most reliable solution for irregular shapes and hard to access areas.

The Armaflex substrate is covered with a durable terpolymer paint with an embedded layer of mat glass fibre.

The easy to apply and highly reliable solution for irregular shapes and hard to access areas.

  • Significantly minimises the risk of under insulation corrosion
  • Provides continuous long term thermal efficiency
  • No risk of galvanic corrosion
  • Increasing the life expectancy of insulation system
  • Considerably reduces the time for monitoring and maintenance
  • Significant reduction of installation cost
  • Easy application - no need for specialised machinery
  • Resistant to salt water (green water wash over)
  • Exceptional impact resistance
  • Highly resistant to UV, oil and chemicals
  • Non metal Cladding system - reduces Health and Safety risks
  • Complies with international standards


Armaflex Alu

engineered foams

Cleaner, Quieter Duct Insulation

  • Smooth surface - less dirt
  • Durable and erosion-resistant
  • East to Apply

The competitive advantages if specifying Armaflex Alu

  • Lightweight and flexible insulation - also available in self adhesive rolls for easy and speedy installation
  • Wide range of sheet thickness available
  • Excellent finish with aluminium covering for clean room applications
  • The low thermal conductivity, λ 0.035 W/(m.k) at 0°C, and good acoustic performance provide double benefits with one insulation system
  • Closed cell structure provides a very efficient built-in vapour barrier with a very high µ value of 12000 (DIN 52615)
  • Class O fire category means low fire propagation index, producing minimal contribution to overall heat release, for a high degree of fire protection and safety
  • Excellent resistance to the effects of ozone, oil and chemicals
  • Does not decay or contribute to the growth of fungus and bacteria
  • Easily cleaned with no shedding of particles
  • Requires minimal maintenance and assures long term lif of installation
  • Dust, fibre, CFC and HCFC free with an ODP of zero

Class O Armaflex is now available with a Class O rated aluminium foil facing for:

  • Improved appearance
  • Increased structural strength
  • Class O fire rating

Should the foil of Armaflex Alu become damaged, the insulation qualities will remain intact, unlike other insulation products, as they depend solely upon a built in vapour barrier within the closed cell structure of armaflex.




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