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Headquartered in Mumbai, Machinery Sales Corporation is a leader in the sale of Marine, Aircraft, Military Hardware & Industrial spares, with strategically placed representatives and inventory parts, carrying source and condition documentation. The Company provides/will provide round the clock support for the Marine , Aircraft, Military Hardware & Industrial Spares.

Machinery Sales Corporation operates from Mumbai and has regional offices in New Delhi & Visakhapatnam, as well as associate offices in Singapore, Greece, Indonesia, Russia, UK & Dubai. Further, the company has representative offices in Chennai & Calcutta. The total staff strength is of 40 employees and conducts business in India and abroad. Major suppliers to Machinery Sales Corporation include the OEMs and Vendors’ to OEMs.

Major customers include Airlines, Defence Undertakings, Mercantile Shipping Companies, Power Generation Plants, Ordnance Factories & Military Hardware users in various countries abroad.

Modern management techniques have been well assimilated and been successfully practised by Mr. S. S. Ahuja, the Chairman & Managing Director, Machinery Sales Corporation. He has achieved a growth rate that would make any dynamic CEO proud. In just ten years time he has diversified into the largest trading and Liaison Agency in Marine, Power Generation Plants, Aircraft & Military Hardware.


Mission Statement

To be customer responsive, quality driven, profit oriented and to provide Confidential Liaison Services.

We plan to be the Premier Service Company in Stocking and Sale of spares for Marine, Aviation, Military Hardware & Power Generation, in India & abroad.




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