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Tri-dimensional structures

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Tri-dimensional structures
Tri-dimensional structures

Those shelters are made of stretched PVC fabric with a frame work of tri-dimensional steel arches.

Climate Resistance (upon request):

  •   wind: 204 km/h
  •   snow: 110 daN/m2

They can be used as dry air storage shelters for vehicles, aircrafts or as mobile repair shelters.

Technical Specifications:

Material range

TDS 28

TDS 32

TDS 430

TDS 54

TDS 74

(W x H x L)

28 m x 10 m x sections of 10 m

32 m x 16 m x sections of 10 m

43 m x 29 m x sections of 10 m

54 m x 20 m x sections of 12 m

74 m x 26 m x sections of 14 m

Distance between arches

10 m (stability cables)

14 m (brace cables)

14 m (brace cables)

12 m (brace cables)

14 m (brace cables)

Canvas in double curves

1000 gr/m2

1000 gr/m2

1500 gr/m2

1500 gr/m2

1600 gr/m2







Complete water tightness of the cover, doors and ground for hygrometric regulation// manually operated gable end door// hydraulic or electric gable end door// “personnel” doors with lock and anti-panic bars
Hygrometric control by dehumidification

Heating // air conditioning // dry air // lighting


with a tarpaulin and dry air equipment,these structures are used for long term storage (dry air stops the ageing of the equipment)increasing the life time for planes for example

74 m wide structure used as a temporary re-locatable garage for Airbus

50 mx200 m Sturcture installed in Germany and used in heavy wind conditions


Aircraft doors can be provided for all our structures




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