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MSC stocks spare parts and accessories of practically every Indian and International brand of compressors. What's more,MSC manufactures spare parts and accessories to client specifications and drawings.

The MSC product range is complete:


Compressor Spare Parts

(MSC). Note the wide range of industries serviced.Note the names of companies known for their high standards and demands made on suppliers. What does it take to keep them happy and coming back for more?

Quality and Service

It is not enough to STOCK EVERYTHING.MSC takes care to maintain high standards of quality as well as excellent service at all times . This is what keep the clients coming back-again and again.

MSC- where excellence is a away of life.

Air Gas Compressor spares as per OEM drawings & specifications
  • Kirloskar air compressors lubircated & non-lubricated series, EH-50 TC-50, EH 100/ TC100, EH 200/ TC-200, 241/ 245, 255, TS1B, TS2X Balanced apposed compressors BTD BM, JM, RM, MM, etc.
  • K. G. Khosla: Air compressors lubricated & non-lubricated, compressor series, AE20, BD 12, B 11, 2BC 26, 2EC 35, VYDT, HY, Balance opposed HS2, H4A, P&O, etc.
  • Ingersol Rand lubricated & non-lubricated series and ESH/ ESV.
  • Atlas Copco: VT/ BT portable, stationery & screw compressor.
Refrigeration/ Air Conditioning controls & accessories
Honeywell, Solenoid Valves, Brassomaric Products, Danfoss/ Infoss Switches, Expansion Valves, Ammonia Fittings, Sporcon/ Catchall Filters Condensers, Chillers & Cooling Tower, Cooling Coils, etc.
Air Compressor Controls & Accessories
Indfoss Pressure Switches, Non Return Valves, Air Receivers, Activated Carbon Fitters, Heatless, Air Driers, Micron Moisture Separator, Automatic Drain Valve, After Cooler Intercoolers, etc.
Diesel Enginer Spares
  • Greaves/ Deutz, YDA, YWA, MWM 234 TD
  • Cummins NHI - NT series, etc.
  • Kirloskar - Pielstick PA & PC series.
  • Caterpillar

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